Presentación del “Derecho al Medio Ambiente”

Como trabajo practico de Educacion Etica y Ciudadania teníamos que hacer una presentación enseñando el temario de un derecho elegido por nosotros. Mi grupo, Elena Persic, Silvestre Braun y yo elegimos hablar del derecho al medio ambiente. Esta es nuestra presentación. La corregimos agregandole fotos mostrando la contaminación.


A Day in the Future

I was woken up by the waterfalls in my landscape simulator, it was too bright. The sun shone and the water sparkled beneath my bed. But I preferred something a bit more nocturnal. I changed its settings to Star Gazing, and checked my clock. Oh no, it was 10′ o clock. I must have skipped my alarm. I turned off the simulator and pressed the breakfast botton besides my bed. I heard the noise of metal clacking in my kitchen, it was already being cooked. I got up and put on my clothes.

The smell of breakfast filled the kitchen as I walked in. It was already set up in my table, and it looked delicious. Technology is really wonderful.

I headed outside and got in my car. People were walking to their jobs, carrying little machines on their arms. We have to carry them in case of any robot malfunction. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be fatal.

As I entered the building I realized they were building a new machine. I had heard about this a few days before. They were setting up an instant lift. It was ten times faster than the usual elevator, it made going through a floor last a second.

My office wasn’t very out of the ordinary, it had a desk, a chair and virtual reality goggles. Working as a salesman these were very useful. It gave you the experience of interacting with your client without going to their house. I could sell my product to someone in China without having to go there. It was great.

After an hour of trying to convince someone to buy a health chip (you injected it and your fat was absorbed) I took my goggles off. I suddenly heard a noise, like metal clacking. I went outside to check what was happening. It was calm. Suddenly approximately ten machines ran towards me. I ran as I noticed I had forgotten my machine controller at home. I screamed for help. The machines were getting closer. Suddenly I saw someone run and press the button. I was safe.

Apparently someone had hacked the machines so they would attack every person in view. Luckily they were under control.  At least for now.

Los viajes de Gulliver



La población de Brobdingnag se describe como gigantes, altos como un gran edificio. No solo los gigantes son extremadamente grandes, sino que también todo lo que se encuentra en el territorio. Ya sean animales, plantas, lagos, casas y hasta el granizo. Por ejemplo, las ratas son del tamaño de perros, con colas de dos metros de largo. Esto significa que el país está mucho más peligroso para las personas de tamaño humano normal como Gulliver. De todos modos, aunque con su tamaño no parezca, las personas son civilizadas y pacíficas.

Las leyes de Brobdingnag son simples y fáciles de seguir. Una particularidad de ellas es que ninguna ley puede exceder en palabras las letras de su alfabeto y escribir un comentario sobre alguna ley es un delito. La educación De esta ciudad se basa en historia, poesía, ética y matemáticas. Las bibliotecas son relativamente pequeñas y el rey tiene la biblioteca más grande. Su estilo de escritura es claro, masculino y suave pero no florido, es decir, que no utilizan expresiones ni repiten palabras o agregan explicaciones innecesarias.


La tierra de los heuymheuyms


Tyres analysis

Macrocosm (historical-social context)
– War (dark)
– Life in a french village
– Love relationship (clear)

Key moment (404)
Now, they can see the war is near!
War is really happening in front of their eyes!
Love and war get interconnected (404-405)

Specularity–>he feels reglected on the body of a young boy (son of a butcher) (405)

Climax–>point of no return
– He finally feels involved/touched

(405)-> description of the act
– Full of emotions
– The N feels alive not equal to ending (407)

Dead – alive
– He’s alive but dead inside
– Stagnation (stillness)
– He never grew out of it
– Senseless life
– Guilty
– Couldn’t move on

He spends the rest of his life paying for his mistakes.


A narrator telling his memories (a flashback)

Tone: Sad,  depressing. Romantic, guilty, remorseful.

Stages of rite of passage

From not knowing that war was near to experiencing it.

Object of desire: The girl, Cecil.

Trespassing, breaking the law  the father figure:  When he chooses the girl instead of his father.

There should be a dare: When he breaks the tyre of the Gestapo officer, he “cuts corners”

The mischief should be owned up: Personal confession, he feels guilty, he never owns up.

An act of atornment: He decides he’ll never be happy again.


Language Test: Crime Report

Bank Robbery in Spain, three wounded, one killed.

A Bank in Valencia, Spain was robbed yesterday at 5pm, leaving three wounded and one dead. The police says there were 10 robbers approximately, and from the description of the victims they looked young.

The attackers entered the bank with masks covering their faces and guns in their hands and told everyone to lie on the ground. They proceeded to order an employee to open the vault, and when he refused, he was killed. The next employee that was ordered to do the task opened the vault and then the  robbers took everything they could. The police was warned but the criminals took hostages and threatened, that if they entered the building, the hostages would be killed. They continued to escape the building without leaving a single trace.

“They were so many” Julia, a 48 year old woman who was in the bank when the robbery happened says. “They entered the Bank pointing their guns at us, after killing the poor employee, they put a gun in my head, saying that if the police got in they would shoot me. I was terrified. Five minutes later, they were gone.”

The police are currently tracking the robbers and are hoping to find them before another event like this happens.

Lion Heart

In our literature class we had to find some answers on the writer of the poem “Lion Heart”.

Implications from the title: Wild, Brave, fierce love.

Amanda Chong was from Singapore

Her relationships with Great Britain was that her country, Singapore was colonized by it. Great Britain destroyed Singapores culture and buildings.

Her concerns were Human Rights, social equality, human trafficking, etc.


  1. Read the poem.

2. Look up words in the dictionary

Dappled: Having spots of a different tone or color.

Crest: Highest part of a hill

Ivory: pale

Heralding: a royal messenger

Squall: A sudden, violent gust of wind.

Throb: To palpitate

Bumboats: A boat used in peddling provisions and small wares among vessels liying in port or offshore

Raw: exposed

Vault: arched structure

Unsheathed: To plow from a sheath, sword, knife,etc


3. Who is the writer?

Amanda Chong.

4. Check what the merlion is. Find a photo to illustrate your post in your blog.

A merlion is a Chinese mithical creature that’s half Lion half fish.


5. Watch the following videos and take notes to analyse the poem in detail.

Stanza 1
“You” (personification) = Merlion->powerful symbol
Merlion standing out representing all Singaporians
“Dappled” = colourful
“Crests” “fish”
Vocabulary in connection to fish and sea

Stanza 2
“Ivory coast” “shore” “waves” “sand” “oceanic”
=> description of the merlion
Semantic field=> sea/water
Although the merlion is on land, it’s always connected to the sea

Stanza 3
Now the setting is on land (jungle)
Described as full of life (“eyes”) => as Singapore
The repetition of “yours” enphasises the personification of the merlion

Stanza 4
“Boats” “seeds” => the british arrved by boat, colonization
Singapore grew a lot
Disadvantages of colonization
– Loss of identity (language)
– Loss of culture
– Loss of freedom

Stanza 5
Power of the sea-> economy (trade)
Singapore’s economy depends on the sea
Singapore=> from rural to urban “skyscrapers”

Stanza 6
L1–> remember your origins/where/identity
Who you really are
Let’s use the sea for it’s advantages (trade) but let’s feel proud of ourselves, our identity! We’re singaporians

– Nationalism/strong sense of nation
– Love for your country/nation
– Colonization
– Urbanization (rural vs urban)
– Reminding
– Inspiring
– Nationalistic
– Proud
– Admiration

6. Can you say this poem is about love? If so, love for what/whom?

6. In my opinion this poem is about love, but not the conventional love I think that this poem praises Singapore history and culture. Amanda Chong expresses her love for her country and how she is proud to be part of it.